17 December 2011

Shah Alam sentosa :D

Yeaaah , Shah Alam is mine now :D Serious rindu Shah Alam yang teramat sangat . Alhamdulillah lah dah pulang dgn selamat haritu , then i get to stay here . I'd burned my ticket balik Sabah , sorry Sabah . I'm boredss teramat sangat there :') Lain masa titew balik okay ? Jangan marah yew Sabah . Titew akan winduu awak punya lah :D

Okay , since 25 October 2011 I am heart-broken :'( This is a bad story for me , but not for you allss . I am really really really really really SAAAAADD :'( He is really a big jerk . I am being a really stupid and bastard girl yang dookk waiting dia jawab soalan yang memang tak akan jawab . What a shit lah ni ? :'( Its okay , i am fine maybe . I'll be good for now . I am doing just gooooood , hmmm :'( *not really actually .

Okay , STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT STUPID SHIT STUFF . This is not a diary . I'm just telling , ignore me -.-' . Now , DON'T :D I'm happy . Okay , i am having fun in Shah Alam :D Don't mess up with me :D Result PMR is coming , I'm stressing right now :| Okay , byee -.-'