18 June 2010

Raining heavily (!)

Hey , it's raining heavily today . The sun only comes out in the morning , in the afternoon starts the rain until night . It makes my place floody :D Eh , I take a bath in the rain with my sister . It was so fun fun fun and fun . My sister scrub my back and I scrub her back , I was like 'Wow , geligeligeli!'. Eh ktorg buat kerja lah , cuci longkang . HAHA , ibu suruh . Ayah have to work at night because of the flood . The whole Sepangar raining , floody and black out . People want to watch FIFA lah weh , HAHA. Teruk sangat dah banjir ni , ishishish (!) I'm bored waiting for ayah finish his work , and I was so so sleepy that time . Anyway , I have so much much fun in the rain until I felt cold and cool :) woohoo , bye then (!)